Hearing Aid Wireless Headphone


    1. 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Technology.
    2. Transmission Signal can pass Walls, Ceiling & Floors.
    3. Support TV, HiFi, CD/MP3 Player,Smartphone and so on
    4. Volume Adjustment, Sound Balance for Left and Right Ears.
    5. Plug and Play (easy connection).
    6. RF Transmission Auto Off (when no audio signal in 5 minuts).
    7. Convenient Docking Charge with Speed Charging Mechanism.
    8. Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery.
    9.Sensitive Microphone boost hearing from surroundings
    10. Wireless Distance: 30M Diameter
    11.  30 Receiver headphones can work with 1 Transmitter at same time
    12. No sound delay

    13.  Transmitter weight 105g:   Receiver weight: 60g