Wireless Teaching System

    Hearing Aid Wireless Speaker

    Bluetooth Microphone
    Bluetooth Transmitter

    Bluetooth Receiver
    Bluetooth Speaker
    Size:130 x 50 x 140 mm
    Power: 2 x 5W

    1.Transmit Audio of DVD Player, TV SET, Set top box and so on.

    2.Bluetooth Speaker can receive the Audio  and enlarge it.
    3.Let your voice comes to Bluetooth speaker wirelessly and enlarge your Voice, for Teaching, Speach, Tour guiding
    4. Built in rechargeable Lithium battery ( about 5 hours working)
    5. Easy to use( plug and use), auto pair
    6. wireless distance, about 10 meters

    1. AUX on Transmitter:
    to get Audio to be transmitted from TV, DVD Player, Set top box and son on
    2. MIC on Transmitter:
    you can speaker at it,

    3.  Micro USB : To charge it