Portable Wireless TV Speaker
    Sound Transmitter and  Portable Sound Box receiver
    Bring TV Sound( or other Device's Sound right close to you, as closer as you want.

    Transmitter (size: 230x80x35mm), Interface:L/R, 3.5mm Aux in (to input Audio Source, and transmit it into the Air via 2.4Ghz),
    Working as a Charging Dock, DC Input 9V to Charge Sound Box and power supply.

    Sound Receiver (Size:223x80x150 mm; Speaker Output:2 x 3W )
    To receive the Audio being transmited in the Air, Effective range: 30M;  30pcs Sound Box can work at the same time
    Built in Battery: 2000maH, 3.7V;  Interface: Earphone out,Audio input; DC 9V input; Tone(Low, Medium, High) adjuestable

    Listen to TV News at Table, at kitchen;

    30pcs TV-6000 machine gets same sound at same time from same transmitter

    Listen with Headphone, without disturb your family when deep night